Gift from the Sun to the Earth

Earth receives 174 watts of beta solar radiation coming to it (solar radiation) at the upper atmosphere and reflected approximately 30% of this radiation back into space, while absorbing the remaining percentage by clouds, oceans and land masses. It spreads most of the spectrum of solar light on the surface of the earth through the visible range and near the extent of the infrared as well as the spread of a small part of it near the extent of ultraviolet radiation.

Absorbing surfaces of land, ocean and atmosphere air solar radiation, and lead to overheating. Rising hot air that contains water vapor rising from the ocean, causes air circulation air or heat transfer feature vertical orientation. When air rises to the tops of the highlands, where the temperature drops, water vapor condenses in the form of pull raining down on the Earth’s surface, and then place the water cycle in the universe. Increase the latent heat of the process of condensation water from the heat transfer characteristic of pregnancy, which leads to the occurrence of certain weather phenomena, such as wind, hurricanes and tornadoes counter measures. Operating the spectra of sunlight absorbed by the oceans and maintained by the land masses to become Earth’s surface temperature, on average, 14 degrees Celsius.

It is through the process of photosynthesis carried out by green plants; solar energy is converted to chemical energy, which leads to the production of food, wood and biomass, which is extracted from fossil fuels.


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